Units of the Directorate:

There are 9 Units operating within the Directorate namely:

1. Software Development unit

2. Student Information Management Unit (Portal)

3. Hardware Maintenance Unit

4. Data Centre Management Unit

5. Networking Unit

6. Internet Administration Unit

7. Project Management Unit

8. Training and Manpower Development Unit

9. Help Desk

Brief functions of the Units

1 Software Development unit - Systems Evaluation, Analysis, Design, implement software systems

2. Student Information Management Unit - Management of Student Information

3. Hardware Maintenance Unit - Maintain, Investigate, troubleshoot and repair of systems

4. Data Centre Management Unit - Manages and secures institution's data and Data Centre Infrastructure

5. Networking Unit - Install, Maintain, and Support the smooth running of the University Network infrastructure

6. Internet Administration Unit - Ensures availability of Internet and control of internet access in the University community at all times

7. Project Management Unit - Design, Implement Monitor, Manage, Review and Evaluate Projects

8. Training and Manpower Development Unit - Creates awareness on the availability and use of ICT infrastructure, Provide IT Training and Consultancy

9. The Help Desk - Provides on-line and off-line assistance for help requests


The Directorate of ICT reports directly to the Vice Chancellor.

The Directorate operates the programme of actions under the policy guidelines and framework that had been adopted by the University ICT Policy and Management Committee.

The Directorate of ICT is responsible for the strategic ICT requirement of the University, it's advocacy, External positioning, and ICT Policy Implementation within the University Community.

Provide strategic support for all University's ICT infrastructure and services to enhance teaching, learning, research, community services and all other ICT buisiness of the University

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